The Smart Approach

Gary HolmesEach company has a unique and evolving set of communications challenges requiring specialized and targeted solutions. These solutions should be developed by seasoned communicators who can size up a situation quickly by drawing on their experience to make informed judgments on what will work best.

At the heart of any communications strategy is a candid assessment of what the company is trying to accomplish, followed by a realistic plan for each of the priority audiences and stakeholders, including the media, customers and clients, investors, public officials, and employees.

Even in a world of split-second news and social media immediacy, the critical element in communications remains the same – the message. No matter what techniques are used to get the word out, a communications strategy requires a credible, understandable message that can withstand intense scrutiny. An experienced communicator will push to make sure that the core message will actually advance a company’s objectives.

We believe that the best communications strategies are developed and implemented in teams – different people bring different talents, and an outside perspective can often help in-house professionals see the big picture. Usually there is no one “right” answer to a communications challenge, but pooling the strengths and experiences of a team will dramatically increase the odds of a successful outcome.

Gary Holmes is an experienced communications professional with an extensive background in strategic and crisis communications, media relations, corporate writing and public policy. [learn more]